Additional Educational Needs


All children are valued and respected whatever their additional educational need. Lypiatt has been awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark. When assessed for this award, the assessor reported: ‘This very small school is totally inclusive. Every child really does matter here.’

Lypiatt School uses the Wiltshire Indicators and Provision Document (WIPD), to identify pupils who require support. We work with the Wiltshire SEN Advisory Service, Educational Psychologist, Behaviour Support Team and Speech and Language Therapists to improve pupil outcomes.

Some of the additional programmes we deliver to support learners, where necessary are as follows:


Able, Gifted and Talented

We aim to meet the needs of all children who are able, gifted and talented. We do this by offering challenge and a variety of enrichment opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.


Speech and Language
Individualised programmes provided by a Speech Therapist. These are for children who have been referred, by the school or by a medical professional, to be assessed by the Speech and Language Therapy Service.


EAL - English as an Additional Language

This is for children who have a first language other than English and may need further intervention with their English language so that they can fully access the curriculum. Guidance is provided by Specialist Teachers for Minority Ethnic and Bilingual Achievement which follow the National Curriculum programmes.



Lypiatt Primary School and Early Years Centre recognises that it is very important to identify early any child that has or may be at risk of dyslexia. WESFORD 1 & 2 (Wiltshire Early Screening For Dyslexia) is the work of the Wiltshire Learning Support Service. It provides a range of diagnostic assessment tools, teaching techniques, learning strategies and guidance on providing individualised programmes.

Wordshark and Numbershark
These are computer based programmes which help reinforce spellings and maths skills.

Emotional Literacy

Emotional Literacy sessions are delivered to all children by our trained Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs). Some children require more help than others in dealing with their emotions and the ELSA sessions provide the care and attention that will enable children to feel better about themselves and about their time in school.


Emotional support

RELATE deliver a Time to Talk programme.

Relate counselling is a confidential one-to-one service all pupils who may be experiencing difficulty which may be having an adverse impact on their school life.


Music and Play Therapy
The Therapeutic Media company work one-to-one or with groups of vulnerable children. The provision enables children to express their feelings in a supportive environment.


Anger management
Support is provided to help children understand why they are angry and how to deal with their emotions in a positive way.


Fine motor skills
Fine motor skills are vital to the development of many competencies in young children. Activities involve hand and finger strength, manipulation and eye-hand co-ordination.